Solitaire ring with diamond CT 0.28 - Emily model

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18K White gold Solitaire ring, Emily model with 0.10 CT central diamond.

The clarity of this gem is SI1, the color is E (Extra white).

Most of the quality diamonds used in jewelrys vary in shades from completely colorless to a visible yellow or brown tint, the rarest and most expensive are the diamonds of the colorless range classified D, E and F on a scale that descends to Z.

To determine the correct color, all the diamonds on our jewels are meticulously selected by our IGI gemologist and compared with a series of internationally accepted master stones, whose colors range from D, or colorless (the most sought after) to F, thus guaranteeing a very high quality on our online shop.

IGI Diamond color grading:

IGI color grading

The solitaire ring, with a clean and elegant design, is a unique jewel, born from the experience of our master goldsmiths, the solitaire is the ring par excellence as well as an important gift, rich in symbolic values ​​both for those who give it and for who receives it.

Data sheet

Titolo Oro18kt
White Diamonds CT0.10
Purezza Diamanti bianchiSI1
Colore diamantiE
BrandGioielli Di Prima